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Location of the site

The proposed development is at Merrylees Industrial Estate in Desford.

Our proposals

From 1984 to 2007, Flogas was based at Merrylees Industrial Estate, but moved to new facilities in Syston and Birmingham in 2007. The site in Merrylees included office space, as well as storage and distribution facilities for up to 500 tonnes of LPG.

Flogas now hopes to move back to Merrylees and is working up a planning application for new site offices and an enhanced storage and distribution facility that could hold up to 1,400 tonnes of LPG. Flogas already has an application for Hazardous Substances Consent being considered by Hinkley & Bosworth Council.

You can view more information in our display boards from the public exhibition, available here.


We welcome your feedback on our proposals. You can do send us your comments by filling in our online feedback form, or downloading a Word version and sending it in via the details included.